Training professionals in a specific subject that I know well is something that generates an enormous amount of positive energy. In myself and (partly as a result of that) in the participants. One of the nicest positive evaluations I ever received was at the start of my career when working as a lecturer at a University of Applied Sciences, where the part-time teaching sometimes ran late into the evening: “With Myra, having lessons that last until 21.00 is no problem at all!”
After all these years, I still enjoy the often extraordinary interaction I have with the people I meet in my training courses.
Over that time, I have had the pleasure of motivating many different types of professionals. What started back in 1985 with a group of volunteers we were preparing in interview training for their work on the Dutch Childline (Kindertelefoon) has continued ever since. At times, training has become a less important part of my work, but it is something I have always returned to.


All the training courses I personally developed can be found on the website of The Good Worker.
In existing programs, I can be deployed very widely, preferably at the interface between (medical) professionalism, ethics and communication. See top menu for specific details of my expertise.
Most recently, I was a trainer on the General Practitioners program at the AMC (giving communication training and peer consultation for GP trainees; feedback and assessment for preceptors), and at the Amsterdam regional center for prenatal screening (counseling for obstetrics support staff).
Currently, my training includes work on the Teach-the-Teacher-program at the AMC.

If you would like to enlist my services as a trainer, email me at: