Myra van ZwietenWho is the most opiniated: first-year medical students or their trainers whom I encounter among my audience at medical conferences? Despite all my years in education and public speaking, it is still never possible to be sure how your audience will respond to your message. But that can only be a good thing. It is that very tension that provides the right focus. If I have learned anything in my career, it is that one should never adopt a routine approach to addressing a large audience! Proper preparation is essential. This is why I prepare each presentation completely anew, in part also to ensure it remains exciting for me too.

Experience and profile

My twenty years of experience in education mean that I am at ease in any group or setting. Shy patients, seasoned specialists, fresh and uninhibited young firebrands and cynical professionals: I have addressed all of them. Ranging from intimate events in a homely atmosphere to lecture halls bursting at the seams with simultaneous video recordings for those at home. I am also completely up to speed with new technology. I prefer to give my presentations in Prezi (the ‘PowerPoint killer’).
Over the course of the years, I have developed my own style of presentation. My approach is usually quite outspoken, but never without subtlety.

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